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Testing Center

Welcome to the the Boise State Testing Center web page.

In Summer 2016 what used to be the Online Testing Center and University Testing Services, two separate offices on the Boise State Campus, moved and merged services to form one single Testing Center in the Simplot Micron Academic Success Hub.

This new merged Testing Center now houses all the exams in a centralized location!

Testing Center Mission:

It is the Mission of the Testing Center to facilitate individual success by providing students, faculty, staff, and the community with high quality testing and instructional assessment services.


About The Testing Center:


  • Simplot Micron Academic Success Hub
  • 2nd Floor
  • Room 213

Other Information:


Security Upgrades at the Testing Center:

  • Security Cameras
    • We have more than doubled the number of security cameras at the Testing Center; these cameras record and store footage for several days to review if questions arise about academic integrity.  A month these cameras are 360-degree cameras that allow for a much larger field of observation.  Additionally, we have created a centralized monitoring area, employees can pull up camera views on their workstations, and walking proctors – as many as three at a time – carry iPads on which they also monitor security footage.
  • Employees’ lines of sight
    • All internal walls in the Testing Center are largely glass.   From almost every area of the Testing Center student, classified, and professional staff have a view of the testers.
  • Electronics Storage:
    • We are now requiring students to turn off and store their Ids, smartphones, and other unapproved electronics (e.g., smart watches) in locked bags before starting their tests.  (Proctors unlock the bags after students submit their exams.)  We contacted Campus Security and Police Services about any potential negative impacts of this practice and received the go-ahead from that office.  Lockers adjacent to the Testing Center will continue to be used for all vendor tests that require this level of secure storage of testers’ belongings.
  • National Certification:
    • We have aligned our security policies with the National College Testing Association’s best practices.  In June 2016, the Testing Center will submit the first documents required to become an NCTA-Certified Testing Center.  Among these practices are:
      • No food or drink will be permitted in the Testing Center at any time, which prevents food wrappers and cups from being used as “cheat sheets” – and also eliminates distracting noises.
      • Testers must use the Testing Center’s standardized pencils.  This practice prevents students from writing test material on their body while they are testing, and it prevents students from sneaking in cheat sheets rolled up inside mechanical pencils.
      • We contract with a document destruction company for test materials to be securely destroyed.
  • Testers’ line of sight:
    • Each testing station is now separated with dividers to prevent testers from looking into other testing stations.  This practice was followed at University Testing Services and will be implemented up on re-opening in May 2016 by the newly merged Testing Center.
  • Escorted Testers:
    • Walking proctors will now escort testers to their seats to verify that each tester resembles the photo on his or her ID card and that the name on the ID matches the sign-in credentials the student uses to access the test.  This practice was previously followed at University Testing Services and will be implemented upon reopening by the newly merged Testing Center.
  • Additional Identity Verification:
    • In the event that proctors suspect a student ID card has been counterfeited proctors can look up digital versions of the tester’s official Bronco Card on the CS Gold system.  On vendor tests, proctors may follow additional protocols, which may include taking additional photos of the testers and submitting them to the vendors.
  • Reporting potential violations of academic integrity:
    • Every incident of potential academic dishonesty is reported to the professor.  The reports include witness statements, scans of any unapproved testing material, as well as security footage of the incident in question.
    • In incidents of clear academic dishonesty, the Dean of Student’s Office is also notified.


 How Are We Supporting Student Success?


User Satisfaction Surveys Please provide your comments by e-mail. Or please leave your ANONYMOUS feedback at this link: Feedback for the Testing Center. In your comments let us know how we did well or how we can do better, any suggestions for improvement are always welcome.  If you would like a reply to your comments, please leave contact information.