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Location:Simplot Micron Academic Success Hub, Room 213 A
Scheduling:Appointment Required. Visit Our Appointment Scheduling Page.
What to Bring:Boise State Student ID Card (Preferred) or Driver's License.
*Placement tests are not offered during midterms and final exam weeks

About the Accuplacer:

Math placement at Boise State utilizes the Accuplacer Next Generation Test.  All students seeking a degree must complete 3-5 credits in mathematics, placement tests do not waive this requirement. Please speak with an adviser before taking the test.

Your scores from the math portions of the ACT® or SAT® tests may be used for placement, but if in doubt you should take the Accuplacer exam. See The table below for placement cutoffs. You may take the indicated course if your score is high enough. You may be exempt from the placement exam if you have taken an appropriate prerequisite course. Math 15 and Math 25 do not require a placement exam. Prior to selecting a math course, check the course prerequisites and the degree requirements for your major. The Testing Center does not allow personal materials in the exam room. However, a TI 30X IIS calculator and scratch paper will be provided.

No PrerequisiteNo PrerequisiteNo PrerequisiteMATH 15 or MATH 25
18430244 (QAS)CHEM 99, MATH 108, MATH 123
23540256 (QAS)CHEM 101, CMGT 110, ITM 225, MATH 143, MATH 157, MATH 254
27620254 (AAF)BIOL 191,CHEM 111, MATH 144, MATH 160, MATH 187
29+650+268 (AAF)CE 210, ENGR 120, GEOPH 201, MATH 170, MATH 261, PHYS 111

Test Preparation:

  • You can find Official Accuplacer sample questions here. Many additional free online resources exist. Khan Academy offers detailed instructional videos on topics covered on the test.
  • The College Board offers a free Accuplacer Study App.
  • Learning Express  offers placement test prep content. All Idaho Libraries have access to this service (Contact your local library for assistance).