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What Can The Testing Center Do For You?

  • Save Time
    By giving exams in the Online Testing Center you free up class time to teach other material, hold more discussions, answer more questions, etc.
  • Protect Test Integrity
    Instead of one professor trying to proctor 200 students in a large room, you can set it up so that your students are spread out over a number of days and take their test in a controlled environments with multiple proctors, surveillance cameras, and secure testing browsers.
  • Students Missing Tests/Make Up Tests
    By offering tests over a number of days,  you give students a chance to take the exam when they are ready and when it’s convenient for them
  • Immediate Scoring
    By creating your test on Blackboard Learn the system is able to immediately score a test (short answer or essay still require grading) and provide a grade for the student while they are still in the Testing Center. You may also manage the feedback options on the exam to provide a listing of the questions missed and correct answers as well!
  • Re-using Course Content
    If you like to use some of the same material from semester to semester, then use Blackboard Learn to create question pools so you can pick and choose what should be on your exams.

Academic Integrity

Upholding the Boise State Academic Integrity Guidelines not only creates a fair and honest academic environment, but it also adds to the value of a Boise State Degree. The Testing Center implements policies and practices to protect academic integrity, among the most important are:

Limited Access To Personal Items:

Students are required to power off their cellphones and wearable electronics upon arrival. Items are locked in secure bags, which the students can bring with them into the testing room. When the exam is completed, a proctor unlocks the students’ bags and recycles all scratch paper.

Limited Access To The Web:

Students use a secure browser to take their exam at the testing center. The browser prevents access to any content outside of the exam environment. Links that are part of the exam are not restricted, however the address bar is disabled. Students can see the content but are unable to navigate away from the page.

Limited Access To Test Aids:

Students may use certain test aids (calculators, note cards, etc.) if allowed by the instructor. Instructors can indicate what they’d like to allow when submitting tests on Registerblast. At the end of the exam, We can recycle the test aids or mail them back to the instructor (see Registerblast Test Options). Students my not leave the center with any written material after the exam.

Active Proctoring:

Two proctors monitor the room while students are taking exams. Additionally, the front desk and management office walls are glass panel, adding to proctor line of site and making it difficult to cheat unnoticed. Proctors have access to live and archived footage from 30 security cameras at any given point. This allows us to review and export footage in the case of suspected dishonesty.