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Location:Simplot Micron Academic Success Hub, Room 213 A
Scheduling:Purchase A CLEP Voucher, Then Visit Our Appointment Scheduling Page
Cost:$87.00 + $40.00 Administration Fee
What to Bring:Drivers License or Government Issued ID & Your CLEP Admission Ticket.

About The Test:

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP®) tests knowledge in various college subjects. Some scores can fulfill major and CORE requirements if they are high enough. Roughly 2,900 colleges and universities will accept credit for successful scores. The Testing Center offers all 33 computer exams. To learn more about these exams, visit the CLEP Website. Contact your college to find out which CLEP® exams it will grant credit for, how many credits it will award, and what scores you must get in order to earn those credits. Find out which exams are accepted at Boise State University. Classes required vary based on the program or degree you are in. Please see your college catalog or academic adviser to find out which CLEP® exam is right for your degree. Our staff cannot advise you on which tests to take, or what will work for your degree.

Please note that CLEP credits cannot be used to repeat a course.

Fees & Instructions:

To take a CLEP exam you must FIRST visit and buy a test voucher. The College Board charges an $87 fee. This is paid directly to College Board when you sign up for an exam. You will need to bring your voucher to your appointment. Boise State charges a $40.00 administrative fee, paid online when testers create an appointment.

Testers can see unofficial results instantly after finishing the test, except for essay exams, which take four to six weeks for scoring. If you plan to take the CLEP® exam for credit for prerequisite courses or credits needed for graduation, please plan ahead. It takes four to six weeks for the official score report to arrive at the Registrar’s Office. You must provide one form of valid ID in order to test- an unexpired driver’s license, a state issued photo ID, a Military ID or a passport are all acceptable ID options. All exams are 90 minutes.

Active Military & Civil Servants:

Boise State Testing Services is an official DANTES funded testing site for qualified military personnel, civil service personnel, Dept. of Defense Acquisition Personnel, and their spouses. Those who are eligible will not be charged the above fees. See the Collegeboard eligibility guide to find out if you qualify. Qualified testers should select the “Active Military CLEP” option when making an Appointment. Please be aware that a valid military ID must be presented at check-in.

Test Preparation

There are many websites available to help you prepare for your CLEP® exam: