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COBE Computer Placement Exams

What is a COBE Computer Placement Exam?  Who should take these exams?  What are the exam policies?  Need an overview or study suggestions? You’ll find answers to these questions on the web site for the Department of Information Technology and Supply Chain Management.

Location of Exam:

Location: Simplot Micron Academic Success Hub; 2nd Floor; Room 213

Phone:  208-426-1435; Leave a message for the proctors and they will return your call asap

Before your Tests to the Boise State Bookstore to buy your Access Code.  Make sure you buy the CORRECT Code, some codes look similar but cost much more.

Example of a CORRECT Code:

This code is purchased from the Register Area of the Boise State Bookstore.  It should cost about $20 and say “Readiness Test” on it.


Example of an INCORRECT Code:

This code is found by the books and software and costs much more than $20.  You can see that it is different because it says “Exploring” instead of “Readiness” and also has a white picture on the cover.  Do not buy this code for your COBE Computer Placement tests, it won’t work.


Regular Semester Hours Of Operation

 Fall & Spring Semester Hours of Operation

  • Monday & Tuesday: 10:00AM – 6:00PM
    Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday: 10:00AM – 8:00PM
    • COBE Computer Placement Exams are taken as Walk-Ins ONLY and are seated based on availability of computers.
    • Do not call for an appointment, just visit the Testing Center during hours of operation.
    • COBE Placement Exams are timed. Students can take up to 120 minutes to complete each section (ITM 104, 105, & 106). When time expires, the test will automatically submit.
    • All tests must be submitted at the center’s closing time regardless of completion. Please arrive early enough to finish your tests on time, especially if you’re taking more than one.

    Winter Intersession Hours of Operation

    • The Online Testing Center is CLOSED during Winter Intercession (From the Monday after Fall Semester ends until the Friday before Spring Semester begins).