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Testing at Boise State – Faculty Resources

Boise State Faculty Services:

The Testing Center offers free proctoring services to Boise State University Instructors for Blackboard, HESI/Kaplan, and Major Field Test Exams.

If you are interested in using the Testing Center services please review the Instructor Policies & Exam Booking Instructions to be certain that your testing methods fall within the requirements.  Examples of testing policies that might impact faculty decisions:

  • Testing is offered in Full Day Increments, half-days are not available
  • No Open Book or Open Note exams
  • No Paper Exams
  • Etc.


For Boise State Faculty to Book Exams on the Testing Center Calendar

Types of Exams: Academic Blackboard, HESI/Kaplan, and Major Field Tests:


Contact if you need any further information or assistance.

Boise State Faculty Instructions for Using the RegisterBlast Test Scheduling Software:

What if My Students Need a Make-Up Test?

  • Email and request a Make-Up Test Request Form
  • This form is re-usable
  • Appointments can be set for a specific date and time; these appointments are set on a special Make-Up Tester Log, not through the normal RegisterBlast Scheduling System
  • Each Make-Up Test Request should be submitted at least 24 business hours in advance (same day requests cannot always be honored and should be avoided if possible)
  • Both the Instructor and Student will receive a confirmation email once the form has been processed
  • To make an exam available for an individual student:
    • Update the Testing Announcement to be available for the date and time the Make-Up Tester is testing (yes, this is visible to the entire class)
    • Add the Make-Up Tester to the exam as an Exception for the specific date/time the Make-Up Tester is approved for, this is an added layer of security that makes it so only this one student could take the test outside of the regular testing period

What if My Students Have Accommodations or Require Extra Assistance?

User Satisfaction Surveys Please provide your comments by e-mail. Or please leave your ANONYMOUS feedback at this link: Feedback for the Testing Center. In your comments let us know how we did well or how we can do better, any suggestions for improvement are always welcome.  If you would like a reply to your comments, please leave contact information.