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What Can the Testing Center Do For You?

What are some of the benefits of using the Online Testing Center?

  • Time
    • By giving exams in the Online Testing Center you free up class time to teach other material, hold more discussions, answer more questions, etc.
  • Protect Test Integrity
    • Instead of one professor trying to proctor 200 students in a large room, you can set it up so that your students are spread out over a number of days and take their test in a controlled environments with multiple proctors, surveillance cameras, and secure testing browsers.
  • Students Missing Tests/Make Up Tests
    • By offering tests over a number of days and times (8am-8pm) you give students a chance to take the exam when they are ready and when it’s convenient for them
  • Immediate Scoring
    • By creating your test on Blackboard Learn the system is able to immediately score a test (short answer or essay still require grading) and provide a grade for the student while they are still in the Testing Center.  You may also manage the feedback options on the exam to provide a listing of the questions missed and correct answers as well!
  • Re-using Test Questions
    • If you like to use some of the same material from semester to semester, then use Blackboard Learn to create question pools so you can pick and choose what should be on your exams.

Examples of Benefits of Using the Online Testing Center

Example: Need more “in class” time?

Susan teaches an in-depth nursing class.  Due to the strict regulations of the Nursing field her students have to take many tests, but Susan feels that class time could be better spent teaching her students the material rather than testing over it.  She decides to set up her tests at the Online Testing Center, this way her students can schedule test appointments over several days that she made the exam available, they can get immediate scoring so that Susan doesn’t have to waste time grading exams, and she also doesn’t have to sacrifice any more class-time to proctoring tests.


Example: Have a large class and worried about test integrity?

Roy teaches a 200 person biology class.  He is concerned that on test days there are just too many students to watch to guarantee the test integrity.  Roy decides that the best way to give his exams would be to set them up on the Online Testing Center.  By using the Online Testing Center for his exams Roy knows that his students will be spread out over the number of days that he set his test up for and will be monitored by several proctors, surveillance cameras, and special secure testing browsers.  As an added bonus Roy no longer has to worry about grading 200 exams because Blackboard Learn grades it automatically.