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Fall 2017 Test Deployment Changes

The latest release of Blackboard Learn™  highlighted several incompatibilities with the Testing Center’s secure password management software. Until recently, exam delivery relied on specially generated passwords that automatically filled-in when students used Testing Center Computers. However, this functionality is not compatible with the new Blackboard environment. Beginning Fall 2017, exams will utilize Blackboard’s new Location Based Restriction feature in lieu of passwords. If the exam will also be administered off-campus, a password protected copy of the test should be created and placed in the same folder.

Deploying Tests For On-Campus Students:

Please note: not all exam settings need to match those in the video. If you are unsure what settings the testing center requires, please check here

1Deploy Your test(s)
To setup your exams for on-campus administration, begin by deploying the test. Navigate to the Test Options Page to configure the test settings.
2Edit The Test Options
For the Open test in new window option, select No. Select Yes for both the Link availability and Announcement Settings. Ensure that Force Completion is turned off.
3Access Restriction
Do Not assign a password. Leave the password field blank, and the box un-checked. Instead, click the drop down menu next to Restrict Location. Select Testing Center.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Submit Button. The exam is now ready to be administered at the testing center.

Deploying Tests For Remote Testing:

Please note: not all exam settings need to match those in the video. If you are unsure what settings the testing center requires, please check here

1Deploy On-Campus Exams First
Deploy your tests for Testing Center administration (see instructions above).
2Copy Your Deployed Tests
From the left hand menu, under Course Management, Select Tests, Surveys, and Pools. Click Tests. Hover over the desired test and click the drop-down menu. Select Copy. A copy of the test now appears under the original. Notice that the copy is not deployed.
3Return to Deployed Test Location in The Course
Copy any additional tests in the course that need to be taken remotely, then navigate to where your current on-campus tests are deployed in the course.
4Deploy The Copy of The Test
Hover over Assessment, and select Test. Deploy the copy of the test to the same location.
5Edit The Test Options
When the copy is deployed, you will immediately be taken to the Test Options page. Change the test name appropriately (add Off-Campus or Remote Test to the exam title).
6Assign A Password
Configure configure the test as you did the original, however the off-campus version must be assigned a password, and the Location Restriction must be set to No Restrictions.
7Exclude From Grade Center
Un-check the Include Grade in Grade Center Calculations box. The Off Campus Test Grades will appear in an ungraded column in Grade Center. They can be manually transferred under the original test column.
Click Submit to deploy. Both tests now appear in the same folder.

Faculty Support:

There are several resources in place for instructors who require assistance with the new procedures. For help with testing related issues, please contact the testing center at 208-426-2761, or email us at


Testing Center Consultation

Beginning August 14th, instructors will be able to schedule an in-person meeting with testing center staff for a demonstration of the new procedures. This is also a good opportunity to answer all testing related questions. Consultations will be held in the Simplot-Micron Building, Room 213A. Contact the testing center for different arrangements.


Help Desk Troubleshooting

The help desk is a great resource for quick troubleshooting and assistance with Blackboard questions. Help desk staff are familiar with the new procedures, and are available to provide support. Contacting the help desk is a great starting point to resolve Blackboard issues, as they can escalate your inquiry to the right team.


Online Faculty Resources

For step by step guides, policies and procedures, and answers to common questions, visit the testing center’s faculty resources page. This area of the testing center’s website contains comprehensive coverage on all testing requirements.


Blackboard Training

The Learning Technology Solutions team offers in depth consultations on all Blackboard matters. Consultation with the LTS team can help instructors use Blackboard features (testing related and otherwise) more effectively.