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Finding A Proctor

Enrolled in online or hybrid courses? Find proctoring for all your Boise State exams.

Instructors of online and hybrid courses at Boise State University often require their students to take proctored examinations. A proctor is an individual who agrees to monitor an exam for a student who is unable to travel to the main Boise State campus. Proctors promote academic fairness and ensure the credibility of online programs. Students are responsible for any fees related to proctored exams. If you use a proctor outside of the Boise State Testing Center, you must get final approval from your instructor. Note: The Boise State Student Code of Conduct, as well as the Proctored Test Guidelines, apply to all Boise State students regardless of location.

Find a Proctor Near You!

In the Boise Area?

Students living in the Boise area can schedule an appointment to take exams at the Boise State Testing Center. The Testing Center Administers exams for online, hybrid, and traditional courses. This service is free of charge to Boise State students. Schedule your appointments online at our website. We are located on the 2nd floor of the Simplot-Micron building.

Outside of Boise?

If you’d like assistance locating a local testing center, click the button below to contact a coordinator. If you have already found suitable proctoring, you should contact your instructor and forward the Proctor or Testing Center’s information. It is always a good idea to contact your chosen testing site and verify that the exam was received.


I'm enrolled in an on-campus course but I will not be in Boise on exam day

The first step is to get in touch with your instructor. Depending on their policy, they may simply allow you to take your exam at a different time. If they allow remote and virtual proctoring, follow the instructions under “Outside of Boise”.

How do I set up an exam for my online class?

If your online course requires exam proctoring, and you’re in the Boise area, make an appointment to take the test at the Boise State testing center.  If you’re outside of Boise, follow the instructions on this page under “Outside of Boise”.

Do all quizzes and exams in my online class require a proctor?

Not always. Your professor posts tests and quizzes through your course website, and may require a proctor. If your test requires a proctor, we will help you locate one.

How do I know if my instructor allows remote or virtual proctoring?

Getting in touch with your instructor ahead of the test week is the best way to be certain.

What do I do if I've already found an eligible proctor?

Reach out to Tara Garza at or by filling out this form .

How do I schedule appointments for proctored exams?

For students testing on campus, make an appointment with the Boise State Testing Center. Contact the facility that will proctor your exam once we approve your verification form.

Can Boise State proctor exams for students of other universities?

Yes, please contact