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Getting Started For Students

Students: To ensure a smooth testing experience, follow these steps.

  • Before Test Day

    1. Please review the student policies page. This page outlines most of the policies that students must follow while taking a test at the testing center.
    2. The Testing Center uses a scheduling system called Registerblast. Please follow the instructions outlined on the Registerblast instruction page. If you have questions about the Registerblast page or you have questions not addressed on the page, please reach out to us. Please note: As Midterms, Finals, and other common testing weeks approach, appointment times fill up. Please make appointments early in advance, if possible.
    3. Once you have made your appointment on Registerblast, you will be ready for test day! If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, please reach out to us and a proctor will assist you.

    On Test day

    1. You will need your student ID or a government-issued photo ID.
    2. Bring any instructor approved test aids (i.e. 3×5 Note card, 8×11 Note sheet, etc.) with you.
    3. Once you have checked-in with a proctor, you are ready to test!
    4. At the end of your exam, be sure to checkout with a proctor at the “check-out” desk or at the front desk.

    1. Be sure to reach out to your instructor and notify them of your intentions to take an exam off-campus
    2. Please visit our Finding a Proctor page for more information.