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On-Campus Testing

On campus exams are tests that are administered at either the Boise State Testing Center, or the Educational Access Center. Beginning fall 2017, these tests will rely on Blackboard’s IP restriction features for exam security. In the Test Options Page, Leave the password box blank and select “Testing Center” as the Location Restriction setting.


First, create and deploy the test on Blackboard. If you’re new to test creation, or if you’re looking to improve your Blackboard know-how, we recommend scheduling a training session with the Learning Technology Solutions team.

Adjust the settings in the Test Options page to suit your course. However, certain test settings are outlined in the instructions below and must be configured as shown.

Once the test is created and deployed, Submit a Registerblast test request to schedule seating for your exam at the testing center. Ideally, all your exams should be submitted early in the semester.

If you’re allowing students to take the test off campus at other testing centers or by way of virtual proctoring, please see the instructions for creating a copy of the test for Off-Campus testers.

Prepare & Deploy the Test on Blackboard

1Deploy Your test(s)
To setup your exams for on-campus administration, begin by deploying the test. Navigate to the Test Options Page to configure the test settings.
2Edit The Test Options
For the Open test in new window option, select No. Select Yes for both the Link availability and Announcement Settings. Ensure that Force Completion is turned off.
3Access Restriction
Do Not assign a password. Leave the password field blank, and the box un-checked. Instead, click the drop down menu next to Restrict Location. Select Testing Center.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Submit Button. The exam is now ready to be administered at the testing center.