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Proctor-U For Students

Virtual Proctoring For Online and Hybrid Courses
ProctorU is a virtual proctoring service used by many instructors at Boise State University. Online courses, as well as many traditional courses, rely on this service to proctor exams off-campus. Before committing to this testing option, students are advised to verify whether virtual proctoring is used in their course. To get started, test takers must first create an account at ProctorU.

Proctor-U Pricing

60 minutes or less:$15.00
61-120 minutes:$20.00
121-180 minutes:$25.00
181 minutes or more:$30.00
An additional fee of $8.00 applies if the session is scheduled less than 72 hours in advance. A $12.00 fee applies if the test is scheduled less than 4 hours in advance (or if testing on demand without an appointment).
Please be aware that ProctorU charges a $50.00 Flat Fee to Administer the KAPLAN Admissions Test for the School of Nursing.

How Does It Work?

The student must have access to a reliable computer. While testing, the proctor can view the student’s screen to ensure that only the exam window is in view. The proctor does not have access to the student’s personal files.

In order to communicate with the proctor, the student must have access to a reliable integrated or stand-alone microphone. The microphone remains active during the testing session.

The student must have access to a reliable integrated or stand-alone webcam. Just as testing centers use security cameras to monitor the room, the proctor will monitor the room by webcam until the test is submitted.

Creating Your Account

To create your account, visit the ProctorU log-in page.

Once you’ve filled out the form, check your inbox for an email verification link. Click the link to finalize your account. To avoid delays, you should verify your email immediately.