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Proctor-U For Students

ProctorU is a virtual proctoring service used by many instructors at Boise State University. Online courses, as well as many traditional courses, rely on this service to protect exam integrity. As of Fall 2017, ProctorU will be integrated into Blackboard. There are two ways that students can access the course tool:

Instructor Deployment

Your instructor may embed a shortcut to ProctorU in the same folder that your exam is deployed to. With the Blackboard tool, students can sign in and quickly begin their proctored tests without leaving their Blackboard account.

A screen shot showing a ProctorU shortcut embedded into the exam folder.

Course Tools

If the instructor has not added the ProctorU course tool in the exam folder, you can access it by clicking “Tools” in the left hand menu, and selecting ProctorU from the list of available services. Always verify that your instructor has approved the use of virtual proctoring before using ProctorU.

Screenshot of the ProctorU service shown inside of the "Tools" Page on Balckboard