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Proctoring For Other Colleges


Location:Simplot Micron Academic Success Hub, Room 213 A
Scheduling:Appointment Required. Visit Our Appointment Scheduling Page.
Cost:For Each Course: $40.00 Per Test For The First 4 tests, No Charge For Additional Exams.
What to Bring:Drivers License or other Government issued ID.

For non-Boise State University Distance Education Program:

We offer proctoring services for a variety of different exams. Distance proctoring is for students that live in the Boise area and are taking courses from another institution, or applying to a company in another state and need a qualification exam proctored.

Fees & Instructions:

Because other institutions have their own requirements, we often have to fill out a form required by institutions that tell the testing center our responsibilities, the student’s, and the institution’s. To find out what information your institution requires for us to proctor your exam, please refer to your institution.

For current Boise State students, the fee is $20.00. For non-Boise State students, the fee is $40.00. There are exceptions to this rule depending on the institution so make sure to look at all options when registering and choose one that fits best.

Most institutions require the following information:

Proctor: Alyssa Culver
Phone: 208.426.2762
Fax: 208.426.1320
Mailing Address: 1910 University Dr. SMASH 213
Boise, ID 83725-1450

If you’d like to have your exam proctored at Boise State, you can begin the process by forwarding the contact information to your instructor or institution.

  • You will need your Boise State Student ID to qualify for the discounted exam price.
  • Testers need to complete registration through Registerblast before it will schedule your appointment; due to staffing requirements, a proctoring fee is charged at this time. In addition, testers must bring a current government issued photo ID to their appointments.