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Professor Consultation

Schedule a Professor Consultation

As we slow down from the past academic year, it is always good to remind yourself of the testing center’s policies. This past year has seen quite a few changes. We have begun requiring professors to have certain exam settings in place by exam day. To be the most up-to-date, schedule a professor consultation to make the testing experience easier for you and the students! A Project Specialist will sit down with you and show you what steps need to be taken to successfully administer an exam here. Each consultation will be in the testing center’s back office, Simplot Micron Academic Success Hub (SMASH) Room 217.

What information will we go over during the Professor Consultation?

The topics covered in the consultation are largely up to you; however, here are some topics that we will emphasize during the consultation.


  • What type of exams the testing center delivers
  • How and when to send an exam submission to the testing center to schedule an exam
  • Required exam settings
  • On/Off-campus tests
  • Test Aids
  • The responsibility of Testing Center Staff


  • Requesting blank Scantrons
  • What Scantron forms can we scan?
  • When you turn in your Scantrons, what does the Testing Center need?
  • How fast is the turn around time?
  • What reports will you get back, and what do those reports tell you?
  • The responsibility of Scantron Staff

Request a Consultation

To request a one-on-one consultation, please email us directly at, and a staff member will work with you to find a convenient meeting time.