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How to Cancel or Reschedule Exam Appointments

To cancel or reschedule exam appointments, sign in at the student login portal, then  Click the “View Complete History” link on the right hand side.  You will see a list of all past and upcoming exams. Any upcoming exams will have the options to cancel or reschedule appointments next to them.

Step 1: Sign in to Your Register Blast Testing Account

A Screenshot of the RegisterBlast student login portal

Step 2: View Your Complete Appointment History

  • Select “View Complete History” from the right hand side.

A screenshot showing the exam registration form. The "View Complete History" option on the right hand side is highlighted.

Step 3: Cancel or Reschedule Your Appointment

  • All of your past and upcoming testing appointments are visible on the Exam History Screen. To reschedule an upcoming test, select the “Reschedule” option. To cancel your appointment, select the “Cancel” option. If you have several upcoming appointments, be sure that you’re cancelling or rescheduling the correct test!

A screenshot showing the Exam History Screen. The "Reschedule" and "Cancel" Options next to an upcoming appointment are highlighted.