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Scantron Policies

Turnaround time

We provide faculty with a turnaround time of 2 business days. Our business hours are Monday through Friday, between 9 AM and 5 PM. We treat drop-offs received after 5 PM as a drop-off made on the following business day. Scantron sheets can be campus-mailed to us at mail-stop #1450; however, to avoid delays, we recommend that Scantrons are dropped off in person.

While it’s sometimes possible to process Scantrons on the same day, busier testing periods make it difficult to do this consistently. Please plan on receiving results within the 2 business day window.

Holding period

After completion, we hold bubble sheets for two business days, then mail them to the instructor’s mail stop. If no mail stop number is indicated on this form, we will send sheets to the mail stop listed on the faculty directory. Processed scantron sheets can be picked up within the 2-day holding period. Our office is in the Simplot Micron Academic Success Hub (SMASH) room 217, on the second floor.

Hours of operation

Scantron Services open Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM. We are closed on all university holidays; including Thanksgiving week and spring break.

Report delivery

After processing, instructors will receive a copy of all the reports currently offered. We send results only to instructors’ Boise State email addresses. Please do not provide a personal email address. Scantron Services cannot apply custom grading curves or provide printed copies of the reports.

Grading policy

If you’re having students submit their sheets in sorted stacks, ask them to keep the bubble sheets in a uniform orientation. When delivered, the black squares along the edges should be aligned. We cannot process stacks with an excessive number of misoriented sheets. Scantron Services will not bubble in any information on behalf of a professor or students. Please make sure that your keys are accurate. Tests that are re-processed with a modified answer key are not given priority over the existing queue.