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Scantron Services

The Testing Center provides scanning and scoring of bubble-sheet tests (Scantron), along with survey and evaluation reports to the instructors, researchers, and departments at Boise State University. Scantron Services is located in the Simplot Micron Academic Success Hub, room 217. You can drop off your Scantrons in person or by campus mailing an envelope at mail stop #1450.

Getting Blank Bubble Sheets

You can pick up blank Scantron sheets from our office in the Simplot-Micron Building, room 217. They can also be sent to your department mail-stop on request.

Administering Scantron Tests

When administering a Scantron based exam, it’s best to follow certain guidelines in order to avoid delays and grading errors.

  • Properly Marked Sheets:  Number 2 pencils should be used to fill out the bubble sheet or the Scantron reader will not be able to detect the response.When filling in responses, the circle should be filled in completely and not extend outside of the circle for better detection. When changing a response, use a clean eraser to avoid smudging.

Avoid making partially filled answer bubbles. Fill the entire circle.

  • Complete & Accurate information: Each Respondent should bubble in their name on the sheet. In addition to the name, you may also request their Student ID number if you find it helpful.
  • Sorted Sheets & Answer Keys: Bubble sheets should be sorted into stacks according to test version (if there’s more than one). Please label the answer key and place it on top of each version.
  • Complete The Drop-Off Form: A completed Scantron drop-off form should be included in the envelope. Please indicate whether you’d like the original sheets mailed back to you, or held for pickup. For more information about each report, please see the report types guide.

It may be helpful to remind your students to bubble in their names. Writing it on the sheet is not sufficient. Please note that on average, 1 in every 15 Scantron forms are submitted with erroneous or incomplete identification information.