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Student Policies

The Students must abide by rules outlined on this page. Policies are subject to change. If you need clarification on any of these rules, please reach out to us at

By Taking Exams at the Testing Center, Students Agree to:

  • Abide by Rules outlined in the Student Code of Conduct .
  • Make an appointment before coming to take exams regardless of class size. We regard students without an appointment as a walk-in tester. Walk-in testers are subject to a brief wait until a seat becomes available.
  • All students must bring a photo ID. Student ID’s and Government issued ID’s are acceptable forms of identification.
  • Place all electronic devices in blue lock bags provided by the testing center at check-in. Electronic devices include but are not limited to cell phones, tablets, watches, mp3 devices, etc. It is the student’s responsibility to remember to put all electronics in the bag at check-in. If a student is found with these items, an incident report will be filed. Also, students should power-off these devices; airplane, silent, and vibrate mode is not acceptable.
  • Place Lock-bags on their desk with the Student ID pocket facing upwards. Place Backpacks, purses, water bottles, hats, and other personal accessories under the desk.
  • Only use approved test aids. Instructors determine the test aids allowed.  Instructors provide the testing center with a list of allowed test-aids. The instructor must contact the testing center directly if any changes or exceptions are made.
  • Do not attempt to look at others screens, talk to others, use unapproved test aids, or engage in behavior deemed as academic dishonesty. An incident report will be submitted to the Dean of Student’s Office in the event of a violation of these rules. We will submit Camera footage, paper evidence, and witness statements alongside the report for evaluation.
  • Use the restroom before you take your exam. If you have a medical reason or have an emergency, please let a proctor know and leave everything on your desk. When you leave the testing room, only go to the restroom and promptly return.
  • Do not access food or drink during the exam unless it is for a medical reason. Place water bottles under the desk while testing.
  • If you do not have an approved accommodation through the EAC, please ask a proctor for permission to sit in the limited-distraction area. Until all seats have been occupied, this area will be reserved.
  • Staff and proctors will collect test aids and any written material at student check-out. If you need a copy to study for future exams, you must take a picture or make a photocopy of your test-aid BEFORE you begin your exam. If you would like your professor to review certain exam questions with you, ask a proctor to email a scanned copy of your test-aid and scratch paper to your instructor. Label your materials completely with the class and instructor information.
  • Students should avoid distracting behaviors and be aware that there are other students taking their exams.
  • No head coverings are allowed to be worn in the testing room. Head coverings that are worn for cultural or religious purposes are the only exception to this rule.
  • Abide by verbally communicated rules from proctors and staff. If you feel that the rule is unfair or inappropriate, please ask to speak with a project specialist.
  • Students must make an attempt to make an appointment for all exams, including any Pre/Post-tests, unless the Testing Center staff have indicated otherwise.
  • Because of security concerns and the need for computers to be free for other students to take their exam, students are not allowed to access other parts of blackboard (i.e. grade book, syllabus, other course content, etc.) on our exam computers. Once a student completes their exam, they should promptly logout and follow the checkout procedures so that other students can seat for their exam and to keep your personal information (grades, course enrollment/information,etc.) secure.