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Student Policies

The Testing Center caters to many different types of exams, each requiring exam security and assurance of academic honesty to varying degrees.  In order to offer the highest quality proctoring services the Testing Center has adopted the best standards of each test to create a consistent testing experience for all testers, no matter the type of exam they are taking.



Boise State Testers are encouraged to make appointments for all exams (Blackboard, HESI/Kaplan, and Major Field Tests/Outcomes).  This will guarantee  a computer spot and will assure that the Testing Center is prepared to give the exam.

What You Should Expect During Your Exam (Rules and Policies)

  • Testers should be familiar with the Testing Center Policies & Rules.
  • Come to the Testing Center On-Time or a few minutes early.
    • Be aware, all tests are submitted at closing.  Be sure to schedule a test appointment with plenty of time to complete the exam.
  • Bring a valid Photo ID. Examples include:
    • Student ID
    • Driver’s License
    • Passport
  • If Test Aids are permitted for the exam prepare them before-hand and have them ready for inspection at check-in.
    • The instructor will inform the testers what Test Aids are allowed on the exam, if any
    • A single sheet of Testing Center Approved Scratch Paper will be provided to each tester.  Testers may use unlimited sheets of paper, one sheet at a time.  Both 1/2 sheets and full sheets are available, testers should let the proctor know their preference so they have the resources to succeed.
    • When testers check-in they are given a “Test Tab” that indicates what test aids they are permitted to use on the exam.
      • This “Test Tab” is placed on the corner of the computer monitor before testing
    • Using a non-permitted Test Aid on the exam can result in the exam being submitted and the tester being reported for Academic Dishonesty.
    • The Testing Center will provide pencils for testing, no personal writing tools are permitted.
  • Personal Items In the Testing Center
    • All cell phones and small electronics such as smart/analog watches, Google glasses, Fitbits, USB drives, etc. will be required to be powered down and stored in a secure Testing Center Lock Bag.  The bag will be locked and may be kept in the tester’s possession during the exam. This bag should be placed ID-up on the table next to the tester.
      • If a tester is found with a cell phone or any unapproved electronic device in the Testing Center during the exam the test could be submitted and the tester reported for Academic Dishonesty.
    • Hats, Sunglasses, and Hoods should be removed from the head before entering the Testing Center. No headwear is permitted during testing. Testers who refuse to remove their headgear without falling in the Religious/Medical Exceptions category will not be permitted to test at the Testing Center.
    • No Food or Drink is permitted at the Testing Center and should be stored under the testing station.  A water cooler is available at the Front Desk for testers who need a drink during their exam.
    • All large items will be stored under the testing station and are not permitted to be accessed during the exam.  Testers are encouraged to leave their backpacks and other large items at home or in their cars if possible.
    • Skateboards are not permitted at the Testing Center as they often block aisles and impede student and proctor safety by posing a tripping risk.
  • Accommodations
    • Testers approved for accommodations should notify the proctor at the Front Desk while checking in.  The proctor can assist in making sure the accommodation is honored from there on.
      • If the tester does not notify the proctor of any accommodations or has not pre-arranged for accommodations there is a chance that the Testing Center will not be able to provide them that day.
      • To Pre-Arrange Accommodations, click on the appropriate link below
  • Other
    • No children are permitted in the Testing Center nor can the Testing Center staff monitor children for testers.
    • No smoking, vaping, or use of other tobacco products is permitted at the Testing Center. Likewise, alcohol consumption is prohibited at the Testing Center.
    • Service Animals are welcome at the Testing Center. By law service animals must be dogs or miniature horses.
    • Support Animals are usually welcome at the Testing Center permitted the animals are reasonably quiet and leashed to avoid distracting other testers.
  • Seating
    • Testers should put their blue Lock-Bag face up on their desks, so their ID Card is visible at all times.  This assures the Testing Center Proctors that no cell phone is accessible in the Testing Center.
    • Testing Center approved test aids are also allowed on desk-tops in the Testing Center.
    • All other items should go under the desk.
    • Walking proctors will be circulating the room to verify that tabletops only have approved items.
    • Testers should raise their hands if they need any assistance during their exam.
  • Exam Completion
    • Once the exam is completed the tester should submit the exam and review the test feedback.
    • Test Feedback is designated by the Instructor; if the tester does not see the feedback they wish to see, they should follow up with the Instructor.
    • The tester can then check-out at the check-out desk and exit the Testing Center.
  • Check-Out
    • The tester will be asked to verify what test they were taking and all test aids will be collected.
      • Anything used on the exam is considered a test aid – this includes, but is not limited to:  scratch paper, Testing Center calculators and permitted note sheets or cards.
      • The test aids are collected in a receptacle for the professor to pick up.
      • Students are not allowed to take copies of their test aids with them once the exam has been taken, as notes about the test could now be incorporated to the test aid.  Testers should be sure to make copies of the test aids before testing or arrange with the instructor to pick up test aids from them after the exam.


When Things Go Awry:

  • Academic Dishonesty
    • Academic Dishonesty a very important and serious topic at the Testing Center. If a student is found committing Academic Dishonesty in any form their information will be gathered, the test potentially submitted, the Instructor and the Dean of Students will be informed of the Incident.
    • Video Surveillance is in use at the Testing Center, be aware that all testers are being recorded.
  • Examples of Academic Dishonesty and Behavior That Is Not Permitted:
    • Using any type of unapproved electronic device  during your exam
    • Using any type of unapproved test aid during your exam
    • Being loud or disrespectful to fellow testers or employees of the Testing Center
    • Communication of any kind with anyone in the testing room other than the Proctor
    • Leaving the Testing Center before the exam is completed without permission
    • Looking at a computer monitor other than your own
    • Positioning your computer monitor so that others can see it
    • Removing Test Aids or Scratch Paper from the testing center at any time
      • If you are ever unsure about anything please ask a Proctor before taking any action that could be interpreted as Academic Dishonesty.
  • Other Emergency Situations
    • If there is an unplanned fire alarm, evacuation alarm, Blackboard outage, Etc. during the testing day:
      • The proctors will give an announcement instructing students to leave their tests up, leave all test material at their station, and gather coats and other weather relevant clothes to evacuate the building to a pre-determined location.
      • Once the Testing Center is evacuated all entrances will be locked down.
      • Meet in the pre-determined location, stay together with the other testers, and do not discuss your exam or study any material.  The proctors will gather all tester information at this point, if you are not present your name will not be recorded as a tester in the Testing Center during the evacuation.
      • Your professor will be notified as soon as possible that the evacuation occurred.
      • When the evacuation is  over, return to the Testing Center as quickly as possible.  The proctors will open the Testing Center doors and accept testers who had previously started their exams.
      • Once all continuing testers are checked in, new testers will be accepted.
      • Any problems that occur because of the evacuation will be dealt with immediately and reported to the professor.
      • Once the emergency has ended each professor will receive a detailed notice email that includes the dates and times of the evacuation and a list of the students who were in the Testing Center during the evacuation.



User Satisfaction Surveys Please provide your comments by e-mail. Or please leave your ANONYMOUS feedback at this link: Feedback for the Testing Center. In your comments let us know how we did well or how we can do better, any suggestions for improvement are always welcome.  If you would like a reply to your comments, please leave contact information.