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Scantron Services

For faculty, researchers, and academic departments, Instructional Design and Educational Assessment provides scanning and scoring of bubble-sheet tests (Scantron), in addition to scanning of machine-readable surveys and evaluations. Please note that Scantrons may take up to a business day to be scored after Scantron Services receives them.

NOTE: The Testing Center does not proctor exams that use Scantron sheets. Such exams should be proctored in class like any other paper test.

General Information

  • Location: Simplot Micron Academic Success Hub, Room 213
  • E-Mail:
  • Phone: 208.426.2762
  • Mail Stop: 1450 ; addressed to “Scantron Services”
    • NOTE: Campus mail can take between 1-5 business days to arrive; for quickest scanning please deliver Scantron sheets to the Testing Center in person, during business hours.

Obtaining Blank Scantron Sheets

We are unable to provide large amounts of sheets at any one time. Please request reasonable amounts (3 or fewer reams of bubblesheets) in one of the following ways:

  • Pick up blank sheets in person at the Testing Center (Simplot Micron Academic Success Hub, Room 213), during business hours.
  • Call 208.426.2762 and request that blank sheets be sent to you through Campus Mail.
  • Send an e-mail to, requesting that that blank sheets be sent to you through Campus Mail.

Preparing Scantron Forms for Submission to Scantron Services

NOTE: All forms must be of the same type and color. Use all Blue #30423 sheets or all Green #4887 sheets. Do not mix these colors or use other colors.

  1. Verify that students have bubbled in their names on the bubblesheets or they will not reflect on the report.
  2. Arrange Scantron bubble sheets so that all are facing the same direction, with hash-marks on one side.
  3. Put the exam key on top of the forms and label it KEY or MASTER. No key is necessary for an evaluation or survey.
  4. Complete the Scantron Services Drop-Off Form and place it on top of the stack of bubble sheets. For more information, see Instructions for Completing the Scantron Services Drop-Off Form.
  5. Use binder clips to separate different exams or different versions of an exam. Be sure to indicate which version is which so they can be appropriately scanned.
  6. Put all forms in a manila envelope or campus mail envelope to prevent sheets from crinkling or folding. If sheets are crinkled or folded, the bubble sheets might be impossible to scan.
  7. To submit the packet, follow the instructions below (“Submitting Scantron Services Forms”).

Submitting Scantron Sheets to Scantron Services

Use one of the following methods to submit Scantron sheets to Scantron Services.

  • Bring the Scantron Services Drop-Off Form, the exam key (clearly marked), and Scantron sheets to Scantron Services (Simplot Micron Academic Success Hub, Room 213).
  • Send the form through Campus Mail, addressed to Scantron Services, Instructional Design and Educational Assessment, Mail Stop 1450.

Receiving Scantron Sheets and Results from Scantron Services

You may pick up the Scantron sheets and exam results in person from Scantron Services during business hours (Simplot Micron Academic Success Hub, Room 213).

Alternatively, you can note on the Scantron Services Drop-Off Form that you would like your Scantron sheets sent back to you through Campus Mail. When Scantron Services is done compiling the exam results you will receive them through e-mail. The Scantron sheets will be held for one business day for you to review the electronic reports and let Scantron Services know if there are changes to be made. After one business day the Scantron sheets will be sent to you through Campus Mail.

NOTE: Campus Mail can take anywhere from one to five days to deliver the Scantron sheets to you.  If you need the sheets sooner, please pick them up in person from  Scantron Services (Simplot Micron Academic Success Hub, Room 213).

Remark Classic: Reporting Software

Remark Classic can generate a variety of reports from the results of bubble-sheet tests, including reports in Excel and PDF formats containing color-coded graphs.

NOTE: Remark Classic can create a report that you can upload into the Blackboard Grade Center. However, to use the report in the Grade Center you must require each student to provide his or her student ID number on the Scantron sheet.

For more information about using Remark Classic with Blackboard, see the following documentation: