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Accommodations & Makeup Tests

Blackboard allows for instructors to set policy exceptions for certain students in the course. To grant a student their Educational Access Center approved time accommodation, or if you’re allowing a student to take the test late (a makeup tester), you can use the Test Availability Exceptions to create different settings on a student by student basis.

Please Remember:

Makeup testers do not require an appointment. Once you’ve set up the exception, the student can visit the testing center during our hours of operation and take their exam.

If you approve students for a makeup test, please remember to create an exception on Blackboard (see video below). Students who do not have access will be referred back to the instructor.

Setting Up Time Accommodations & Makeup Tests

1Navigate to the Exam
Navigate to the deployed exam on Blackboard. Hover over the test, click the drop-down menu, and select Edit The Test Options.
2Edit The Test Options
On the Test Options page, scroll down to Exam Availability Exceptions. Click Add User or Group.
3Select The Students
From the popup window, select the students you would like to add an exception for. Click the Submit button.
4Extended Time Accommodation
The selected students now appear as line items in the exceptions list. To grant an extended time EAC accommodation, input the allotted time under the Timer column, and make sure the checkbox is marked.
5Allowing a Student To Test Early / Late
To allow a student to take the test at a different date than the rest of the class, Click the Calendar Icon under the Availability column and set the desired date range. Set the time increments for “After Midnight” on the start date, and “End of Day” on the end date. Click save.
6Submit the Page
At the Bottom of the page, click the Submit button. Your extended time and makeup testers are now ready to test.