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Boise State Students: Blackboard Tests, HESI/Kaplan Tests; Major Field Tests

All students are responsible for being aware of the:  Testing Center’s Rules and Policies.

New Appointment Scheduling System!  Be sure to review the Instructions BEFORE you schedule an appointment.

Appointment Times Filling Up Fast!

You might notice that appointment times are filling up fast at the Testing Center.  Not only do we have more users this year, but we now share our space with a whole other testing center and there aren’t as many computers to go around.

What does this mean to you?

  • Schedule your appointments early – if you wait until the last minute you will discover that all the appointment spots are full.
    • Testers always fill up the last day of testing first.  If you want to take a test the last day the exam is available you must plan ahead.
  • If you can’t schedule your preferred time, then have a back-up time in mind.  There are physical limitations to how many testers can be in the Testing Center at one time.
    • An appointment, even a less ideal appointment = a guaranteed computer spot.
  • As a last resort the Testing Center Staff is being as flexible as possible with walk-in testers, but this is again limited by space and appointment considerations.
    • If the Testing Center is fully booked with appointments, then walk-in testers will have to wait for a spot or might be asked to come back later.
    • If a testers has waited till the final hour of the final day and no computers are available for a walk-in tester… then they will not be able to take their test.  Please plan appropriately and make appointments, we want you to be able to take your test :-)

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Testing Center and Scantron Services are CLOSED Monday, November 21st through Friday, November 25th for Thanksgiving Break.

For scheduling appointments for Boise State Academic Blackboard, Major Field Test, HESI/Kaplan Tests:


Note:  Not looking for Boise State Academic Exams (Blackboard, Major Field Test, HESI/Kaplan)?  Schedule Appointments for Other Types of Tests Here!